My Endorsement: ‘Deez Nuts’ 4 Prez

Sometimes we all need a story that gives us a laugh. Alternatively, sometimes we need a story that helps us stay informed about the political landscape.

…and then sometimes we find a story that can offer both.

An Independent candidate is running for President under the name ‘Deez Nuts1 & 2‘ – and no, I’m not kidding. Seriously. We’ve cited a Vice News article that provides further insights, but the story is real. A fifteen year-old high school student is running a campaign for President under an Independent flag, although as his campaign’s web site (linked below) reports he is considering running under one of many third parties. Worth noting, though, is that a 15 year-old is not legally able to be elected to the office of President.

Still, ‘Deez Nuts’ is polling at nearly 10% in multiple states (cited in the Vice story below) – so,  perhaps his platform is worth considering. His campaign site outline several beliefs, which can summarized briefly:

1. Deportation of all non-minor illegal immigrants to their country of origin.

2. Limit federal spending to yearly tax revenue income amounts.

3. Supportive of the Iran nuclear deal reached by the Obama Administration.

4. Supportive of green energy initiates (grants & tax incentives).

5. Reduction of subsidies to oil companies.

6. Supportive of tax breaks to businesses and companies hiring Americans.

7. Support of granting voting rights to American territories.

So – what’s the appeal? Plenty of people seem to assume the general appeal is simple, base humor. However, there may be more to it than that.

The outlined policy beliefs of ‘Deez Nuts’ map fairly well with the American people in general. Illegal immigration is dealt with directly, but with provisions to protect minors. Spending is limited based on income – a common sense tactic that Congress seems to fail to understand. Negotiations with foreign powers are accepted as difficult but necessary in the positivity towards the Iran nuclear deal. Green energy support reflects the need for a better environment and a cleaner future. Breaking away from subsidies to oil industries show further ecological concerns and American frustration with a profitable industry receiving unnecessary support from the government. And, of course, voting rights being granted to Americans currently denied the right to vote (those in territories) finds strong support with many. In short- the views are largely moderate and, thus, well received by the populace.

Additional speculation exists that ‘Deez Nuts’ is simply acting as a new form of protest vote – one that is being measured and counted (so registered as willing to vote, but not for establishment candidates). It shows the commitment necessary to offer support to a worthy candidate, but the annoyance and frustration at the core candidates available. Ultimately, though, it begs the question of whether a vote for ‘Deez Nuts’ is a vote for comedy, a vote of actual support, or a vote of protest against the powers that be.



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